Adventurer, Web Developer, Photographer, Athlete and goofball

Chad M. Lindstrom


  • 13+ years of hands-on XHTML, XML, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, DHTML and other web technologies.
  • 10+ years of developing interactive and dynamic web applications on both the LAMP and Microsoft Platforms; leveraging languages and frameworks such as PHP, Python, Perl, Django, SqlAlchemy, Symfony, Doctrine, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, JavaScript, and Ajax.
  • 9+ years experience with object oriented software architecture, development and design
  • 7+ years working within both Agile and Iterative development methodologies, practicing Scrum, Pair Programming, YAGNI, Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development
  • 8+ years architecting, designing and maintaining high volume and high profile Multimedia Websites, Corporate Websites and eCommerce Web Applications.
  • Experience working in cross-functional teams such as Sales, Support, Marketing, Management and Development and QA.
  • Excellent organizational, project management and team development skills.
  • Strong writing skills with technical and business plans, along with technical reports, training and documentation articles.


  1. B.Sc. Major in Computer Science (Business Option) with Distinction

    September 1997April 2003 University Of Victoria

Software & Technologies

  Extensive Experience Practical Experience Limited Experience
Development Software
  • VI,
  • xDebug, webgrind
  • Linux command line (awk,sed,grep,scp,rsync,tar,tail,svn,apache), Shell scripting
Languages and Technologies
  • Drupal
  • UML
  • Facebook API, Ning, Twitter API, Freebase API, Flickr API, Ebay API
  • C++, C
Operating Systems
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Windows (Server, 2000, XP, Vista)
  • Redhat, CentOS

Professional Experience

  1. Principal, CTO, Developer

    October 2011 - Present : (

    Part of a 3-man team behind RosterBot. I'm the technical brains behind the operation. I developed the entire site, and manage the infrastructure. I also kick in and respond to most of the support emails.

  2. Web Solutions Consultant

    January 1999 - Present : Independant Contractor (

    • Design, Implement, Test and Maintain web solutions using industry best practices, to minimize time, optimize effort and reduce project costs.
    • Analyze, Critique and provide Recommendations to process, flow, function and usability of application interfaces to improve user satisfaction and reduce system support cost.
    • Leverage expertise in both front-end and back-end web technologies to improve implementation and reduce maintenance costs of a web system.
    WallopCreative.comWebsite Solutions and Implementation
    EAWebsite implementation. Frontend web development and integration for Game Marketing Sites
    PorcaroWebsite Solutions and Implementation
    ActiveStateDesign, Implementation, Migrate, Test, Deploy and Maintain Corporate Web Systems.
    MoreThanSolutionsWebsite design and development. Training and System troubleshooting. Application support, training and tutorial development. All services provided as a sub-contractor.
    EverColdWebsite implementation. Integrated and implemented new design, and new website with existing reports and legacy systems.
    NewGoldWebsite implementation. Integrated and implemented new design, custom CMS, and new website.
  3. Sr. Software Developer

    July 2011 - Present : one45 Software : Vancouver, BC. (

    At one45 Software, I am the Lead Software Developer, and responsible for mentoring, advising and directing a small team of Software Developers.

    Under my experience and leadership, I have instituted many improvements to technology choices and process improvements. In many cases, the changes have been game-changing and resulted in dramatic improvements in efficiencies both technically and operationally.

    Some examples:
    • Introduced a standard PHP Framework (Symfony) to the team, and provided migration and tutorials to ease learning and transition to team
    • Introduced many Open Source libraries and frameworks to best solve business problems (Solr, Hudson, Redmine, Twitter Bootstrap, etc)
    • Introduced Agile and Sprints to the team development process, coaching the team through the transition
    • Acting as Technical Architect to maintain Technical Architecture and Design through aggressive refactoring, and widespread new development
  4. Project Lead, Software Engineer II

    August 2010 - July 2010 : Electronic Arts : Burnaby, BC. (

    As a Project Lead for a specialized Partner Solutions team, providing expertise on several concurrent Web Application projects.

    Provided leadership and support to both local and remote development teams, advising on technology decisions, technical and development processes (agile planning, branch management, test driven development, etc) and liaising with Producers, Directors, Testers and Software Engineers.

    • Unix Terminal: bash, awk, lwp-request, rsync, tail, grep, etc
    • Servers: Hudson, Solr, Apache, MySQL, Jira, Alfresco, Perforce
    • Frameworks: Symfony
    • Languages and Standards: PHP, Perl, JSON, JavaScript, REST
    • Processes: Agile, Scrum, Branching
  5. Sr. Developer, Release Developer, Architect

    October 2009 - August 2010 : Kiwi Collection : Vancouver, BC. (

    • Core Resource and Responsible for rebuilding entire application stack for core business systems, that are scaled across several redundant systems, translated in over 3 spoken languages, deployed globally and served to a truly global marketplace
    • Technical Leadership and Responsible for platform and the deployment of that platform, that is scaled and deployed to support many web domains and many languages, representing clients such as Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, and Visa Platinum.
    • Leadership, Implementation, Accountable and Responsible for redundant, multi-server, multi-environment and multi-developer infrastructure
    • Introduced, Advocated and Responsible for Test Driven Development practices, which results in realized and increased infrastructure and system quality and reliability
    • Integrated and Leveraged several open source packages, minimizing development cost, reducing time-to-market, and allowing core resources to be deployed on core business development
    • Introduced, Advocated and Responsible for Knowledge Systems, Documentation and Issue Tracking Systems which has resulted in greatly improved knowledge sharing, team organization and ultimately lower risk for the business
    • Influence, Mentor, Educate and provide Recommendations to Development Team to ensure Skill Development, Best Practices and consistency among the team
    • Introduced, Advocate for and Contribute to the weekly knowledge sharing lunch and learn sessions within the technical teams
    • Proficient and Comfortable using tools and technologies such as:
      • Unix Terminal: bash, awk, automation, svn, mysql, sed, lwp-request, rsync, tail, grep, etc
      • Servers: Hudson, Solr, Apache, MySQL, Redmine
      • Frameworks: Symfony, Doctrine
      • Languages and Standards: PHP, Perl, JSON, SASS/CSS, JavaScript, REST, SOAP, Ant
      • Processes: Agile, Scrum, Test-Driven-Development, YAGNI, Branching
  6. Sr. Web Developer, Technical Lead, Project Manager

    April 2007 - June 2009 : Reinvent Technology : Vancouver, BC. (

    • Ownership, Accountability and Leadership for key technology infrastructure that is scaled, redundant and maintained in several environments by mutliple developers.
    • Technical Leadership and Architect for platform that is leveraged across many web domains.
    • Lead, Mentor, Train and provide Recommendations to Development Team to ensure Best Practices and consistency among the team.
    • Concieved, Designed, Implemented and Managed the relaunch of; Leading the Project and Company to win Best Developer of the Year Award from T.R.A.F.F.I.C 2008 Conference.
    • Managed and was Accountable for a small and diverse team ( Project).
    • Introduced Responsible and Robust systems and processes to a mission critical system, supporting this architecture with process and technology to publish and test changes. Reduction of risk and bugs for a more reliable system.
    • Research and Analyze Systems and 3rd Party Vendors to Advise Stakeholders on Technology decisions. Assisting in insightful decision making, ensuring informed decisions are being made.
  7. Software Developer

    May 2006 - April 2007 : ActiveState Software Inc. : Vancouver, BC. (

    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Lead, Influence, Collaborate and Advocate for the Web Operations and Marketing teams in prioritizing tasks, planning initiatives, adopting best practices and implementing improvements to best serve both the users expectations and company goals and objectives.
    • Design, Develop, Test and Deploy solutions for ActiveState web applications and web sites using best practices, web standards and reliable patterns and maintainable architectures.
    • Improved Process, Optimized Efficiencies and Increased Agility to decrease maintenance costs and lower resource needs and shorten timelines between deliverables.
    • Increased Redundancy, Reliability and Scalability of systems to better support the organizations goals and objectives.
    • More reliable ecommerce system with consistent system and sales performance
    • Easier system and content maintenance for web properties; utilizing better information architecture with templates, structured content, web standards and consistent organization.
    • Consolidating and reducing the dependency on independent technologies. Reducing the maintenance costs and processes.
    • Introduced automated builds, testing and deployment processes to minimize solution conflicts, software bugs and deployment problems.
  8. Interface Developer, Production Lead

    August 2005 - May 2006 : Blast Radius, Inc. : Vancouver, BC. (

    • Envision, Design, Build and Lead production of high profile web projects for key clients such as Nintendo, DirecTV and Electronic Arts to meet and exceed customer expectations both on time and on budget.
    • Implement, Test and Support accessible and standards based web applications built with Java, Struts, Velocity, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and DHTML to match design and functionality defined by Technical and Interaction Architects and Art Directors.
    • Collaborate, Lead and Influence design and function based on limitations and capabilities of technology and client support.
    • Built high profile websites in an accelerated and agile process to meet customer expectations, requirements and timelines.
  9. Web Developer

    August 2003 - August 2005 : ActiveState, a division of Sophos. : Vancouver, BC. (,

    • Collaborate, Lead and Influence design, function and technology for eCommerce Website and Corporate Website to ensure the interface and interaction meets user expectation and user satisfaction.
    • Design, Implement and Maintain web interfaces and applications to support high volume corporate internet using technologies such as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Perl, PerlEx, Python, MS SQL Server, IIS and Zope.
    • Design, Implement and Maintain Licensing and eCommerce system and the corresponding internal sales, reports and related systems using ASP.NET, C#, Perl, PerlEx, MS SQL Server, IIS among other technologies.
    • Co-Maintained and Co-Supported the high volume and hugely popular ASPN (ActiveState Programmer Network) website in addition to several other more focused ActiveState/Sophos websites and intranets.
    • Self-Managed, Organized and Tracked Web and Marketing projects, tasks and other action items involving public and internal facing web materials.
    • Provided Testing and Quality Assurance for Licensing, eCommerce and the many other Web Applications developed to support ActiveState web initiatives.
    • Reduced page sizes, Improved eCommerce and Website performance, Optimized template and Streamlined website design using Web Standards and CSS to facilitate our users needs and perception of ActiveState vision and beliefs.
  10. Web Application Developer - Co-op Student

    September 2001 - December 2001 : BC Hydro : Burnaby, BC. (

  11. Web Application Developer - Co-op Student

    September 2000 - April 2001 : PMC Sierra : Burnaby, BC. (

  12. Web Application Developer - Co-op Student

    September 1999 - April 2000 : Environment Canada : Richmond, BC. (


An avid sportsman, I enjoy tennis, hockey, volleyball, skiing and curling. I can often be found outside, either snowshoeing on Cypress Mountain, Hiking the Grouse Grind, camping up at Cat Lake or swimming at Kits beach or Alouette Lake.

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