Adventurer, Web Developer, Photographer, Athlete and goofball


My name is Chad Lindstrom, and this is my website. I've had this site online for quite some time now; since 2000. Before then, I had a number of hosted sites, either at UVic, Tripod, Geocities or others. We've come a long way on this internet train.

Who is Chad?

I'm a number of things, to myself and to different people. Most known as:

  • a husband
  • a brother
  • a son
  • a software developer
  • an athlete
  • a photographer
  • ...

Now what?

Why are you here? You're either here because:

  • you found me while searching for a Software Developer for hire, or
  • you are a Software Developer

In either case, I think I can help you find what you are looking for.

Why You're (still) here

If you're still reading this, I'm impressed. By now, your internet-induced A.D.D.[1,2] ought to have kicked in and sent you on your way back to Google, Facebook, Wikipedia or back to sleep. But since you are still here, I feel I ought to suggest some of my own links to you.

What You need

The Best Resources on the Web

Given the context of this page, below are by far the best resources on the web. Bookmark them, subscribe to their feeds, read them, follow them... and definitely do not forget them. Without further delay...

  • Seth Godin - Seth has a great blog. He posts regularily about business, marketing, trends and plain ol' great observations. If you want to belong in this crowd, you ought to listen to what he has to say.
  • Scott Berkun - Scott's Essay Series can not be matched, by far the most complete and valuable collection of IT Tips and Teachings
  • Joel Spolsky - A regular blogger, Joel posts his Software and Business thoughts and teachings regularily. Joel runs Fog Creek Software in New York, and he has great insight and has a solid track record to back him up.
  • Rands in Repose - Rands blogs about Technology, Teams, Management and all things in between. He consistently hits the mark and delivers invaluable thoughts and teachings.

My Own Contributions

that's all for now

come again, bring your friends and stay a while.

— ChadL